Pro Tools

Sharpen your skills with the same tools the pros use.

Entry view of AMGC simulator bay area

Simulator Bays

Eight bays featuring the best of everything you need to play, practice, and improve.

Custom Trackman 4 unit.

Track every shot
and every swing.

Trackman sets the benchmark for monitoring ball flight and club metrics, which is why it is present at every Tour event and in every AMGC simulator bay.

Not your dad's
range balls.

At AMGC, we exclusively use ProV-1 balls, but these are no ordinary ProV's. In collaboration with Titleist and Trackman, this ball was specifically designed to offer unparalleled accuracy in tracking ball flight.

Justin Thomas Trackman numbers

Slow motion

It's not real practice without feedback. Capture and analyze your swings directly on your phone, making it easier than ever to track and share your progress.

The Old Course at St. Andrews

Golf's iconic courses.

Play and practice on over 150 of the world's best courses. There's no situation or difficult shot you won't be able to replicate and practice.

3D Swing Studio

Powered by A.I. (Accurate Information)

Target view of pro golfer in GEARS 3D
Image of 3D Force Plates.

Seeing the invisible forces.

Unlock more speed and consistency by optimizing ground forces.

Sam Putt Lab data image.

SAM Putt Lab

Great putters use SAM Putt Lab to sharpen their skills. Now It's your turn.

Fitting Studio

Because one size does not fit all.

Sweet spot patterns from Trackman for driver and iron.
AMGC Master Club fitter, Jason Bodey, frequency analysing an iron.

Expertise and

AMGC's master club fitter possesses the expertise and equipment needed to meticulously fit every club in your bag to perfectly match your swing and individual requirements.

Assortment of driver shafts

The right options
for you.

With countless equipment options available, what truly matters is understanding which ones align with your unique swing characteristics. The right fit translates to improved performance on the course.

Clean Clubs Required

$10 cleaning fee will be charged for dirty clubs prior to entering the simulator bays.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours of tee times can I book at one time?

Club Members can have up to 3 hrs of tee times booked at any one time. Those hours can be spread across multiple days/weeks. Once an hour is used another hour may be booked.

Tour Members can have up to 6 hrs booked at any one time.

Base Members can have 1 hr booked.

Can I hit my own golf balls?

We provide you with ProV's designed specifically by Titleist and Trackman for the most realistic indoor experience. You must get approval from a member of the staff before using a different golf ball.

Will I have access to the data from my sessions?

Absolutely. By downloading the free Trackman app, you'll be able to store and keep track of all your training sessions.

What is a Club Cleaning Fee?

We ask that all golfers entering the facility have clean clubs. Dirty clubs shorten the life of the balls and projector screens. If a players clubs are not clean, a member of our staff will clean their clubs for at a $10 charge to the member's account.

If I don't have the Tour Membership, will I still be able to use GEARS and the Force Plates?

Yes. You'll be able to utilize all of the 3D tech by booking a lesson with Mike and Shaun through the AMGC app or website.

Still have questions?

Let us know how we can help.